Thursday, January 28, 2010

Special Delivery!

We're teaming up with Etsy for a Special Delivery!
My daughter and I are sending in some homemade cards to be delivered to NYC seniors on Valentine's Day. Over 18,000 people are served by Citymeals-on-Wheels ~ That's a lot of lonely seniors. Etsy is helping to send them some love on Valentine's Day by collecting cards to be delivered with their Valentine's Day meals.

While the little guy is napping we love to get crafty ~ anything involving paper, glue, & scissors is pretty much guaranteed to result in a good time. After reading "Special Delivery: Share Your Love 2010" on Etsy's Storque I knew I wanted us to get involved with this project.
I also loved being able to use this opportunity to teach my 4 year old about caring and helping others. Let's face it the budget is tight but we do have plenty of paper and glue around. If this is a way we can make a difference, albeit a small one, well that's a step. I explained to her we were making these cards for older people like her Great Nana who don't have a lot of people who come to spend time with them and give them love.

We made these two days ago. This morning when I asked her why we made the special Valentines cards she told me they were for the people we don't know because we want them to have love. Lesson learned.
Interested in participating? You can join in too! Cards need to be received by Tuesday, February 9, 2010. See the Etsy Storque article for more details.


  1. How lovely that your daughter learned the lesson while doing something wonderful with you, and for someone else at the same time.

    I live in a lively house full of boys, so it's nice for me to spend time with these special girls.


  2. what a wonderful project! And even better to do with your daughter! :)

  3. this is so, so sweet. these creative memories you'll have together will stick with her- so it's wonderful she's learning about doing for others at the same time!

  4. what a great idea - Ryan and I made Valentines for the family last weekend - yours are so wonderful! The seniors will treasure your thoughtfulness.