Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Additions

My sweet little girl has caught the dreaded stomach bug. After a rough night she is recovering. Let's hope the little guy hangs tough and this bug skips over him. (and me too!)
(and wohoo both kids are napping at the moment) So I'll take this time to show off some...

New Additions!
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Otagiri Strawberry Teapot
A funky aqua & gold glass jar. Kind of an odd sized piece.
Any ideas on what its original storage purpose was?
I still need to add this one ~
Just in case you need to remind those around you ~
Fab oversized pint shaped glass, standing 7" tall and 4" wide at the mouth.


  1. ha! the big fork and spoon remind me of that "everybody loves raymond" episode! Great new additions - esp the teapot. It will sell fast I think.

  2. Cute hearts bowl & pitcher.. perfect for Valentines! Have a great weekend! :)