Friday, January 22, 2010


I've been busy (though sometimes I'm not so sure with what) and haven't sewn for ages. This is mostly because I don't actually have a sewing room. I've always carried down my needed supplies from my "sewing nook" and have used the dining room table. This wasn't a problem until my little guy came of the age where he is absolutely into everything. Let's face it, I don't have the space in my gated off kitchen to keep my sewing supplies and by the time I put the kids to be the last thing I feel like doing is carrying my machine down and then back up again.

Though I haven't created anything new, I've still maintained my handmade shop. I renew every now and again and have had the nice surprise of selling items. This week I sold a beloved piece ~ my Kaleidoscope Quilt. The buyer asked to have a hanging sleeve put on so that she could display it. (I feel so honored!) I have to say that the making of a simple hanging sleeve inspired me to make an effort to start creating again. What a fantastic feeling!

Tonight I carried down a bunch of goodies and got to work. I've started simple and small and hope that I can continue. It feels so good to get the creative juices flowing and make something lovely!


  1. Woo hoo for you on the great sale!!

    Well, I have a sewing room, and it is shared with my work wardrobe, so it is always a mess...but I'm trying!

  2. congratulations on the sale of that lovely quilt. I fell the same way - it's hard to get started in the evenings but once i begin sewing or knitting i'm always glad i did and i feel more relaxed. you have a lovely space here. thanks so much for visiting my blog.