Sunday, January 17, 2010

neskita ~ Shop Discovery

I happened to be browsing around on Etsy and found the cutest shop. I just had to contact the seller and ask her if I could share her wonderful items on my blog. neskita is from Chile ~ but don't let this worry you, her items are sent as PDFs and therefore no shipping charges!

Sure we are up to our eyeballs in toys here, but it would be so nice to be able to print these off and have a little something special to do while brother is napping on a cold winter's afternoon. I think my daughter would absolutely love playing with these.

It would be so fun to put some old shoe boxes to use as backgrounds and then to hold the pieces when we are done playing.

She loves to play pretend and playing school is always a favorite. I'd definitely enjoy playing along with these colorful printables.

At $6.50 I think they are a wonderful deal. Head on over to neskita's shop, be sure to click on all the views of these lovelies when you're there. So cute!

If you decide to purchase (and how could you resist!) be sure to state whether you'd like your file in english or spanish as the file comes with instructions as well as ideas.



  1. Shut up! That is the cutest idea I've ever seen. Thank you for sharing. I know my 5 yr. old daughter would love these. I'm on my way right now to check out her shop :)

  2. Thanks for such a nice post! I welcome everyone who wants to visit my shop.