Sunday, January 31, 2010

Help I've Lost The Instruction Manual

I knew the crib climbing was going to be challenging but this is ridiculous!
This little fellow just won't stay put. He's already scratched up his face from trying to climb over the baby gate to keep him in his room. I did pick up a toddler bed over the weekend (found it at a yard sale & figured it was meant to be). The first night he got up and cried in the doorway. I had a feeling this might happen so I left a comforter on the floor in front of the door. Sure enough he fell asleep right there. Second night he was so exhausted (not napping now that he can wander about his room) that he did start off in the toddler bed but fell off when he woke up and tried to get out. Third night once again sleeping on the floor. I can't bear to leave him there all night so I bring him up with me when I go to sleep.

So yes I have misplaced the instruction manual and haven't a clue on what to do next ~ any suggestions?

1 comment:

  1. Keep going in and putting him back in bed. Don't talk to him while you do it...good luck!