Thursday, April 30, 2009

I've Been Tagged!

Jen over at Olive Street Studio has tagged me!

~8 Things I'm Looking Forward To ~

1. Putting in my garden. I'm going to make it bigger this year. I love being able to pick herbs & veggies while cooking dinner.
2. Summer, sunshine & the fun that goes along with it!
3. Teaching my kids about the environment & how precious our world is.
4. Having both kids sleep through the entire night & therefore me too!
5. Having my folks move closer so we can spend more time together.
6. Hiking the High Peaks with my children.
7. Watching my children discover and learn.
8. Learning how to sew clothes.

~8 Things I Did Yesterday ~
(okay this was actually Sunday but trust me it was way more interesting then yesterday)

1. Made peanut butter and chocolate chip waffles for breakfast.
2. Took Pictures of a new runner/pot holder set for my Etsy shop.
3. Took out the storm windows and put the screens in the doors.
4. Took advantage of the sunshine and hung the laundry out on the line.
5. Decided after lunch to take the kids on a hike/walk to a nearby forest/park that is wheelchair accessible (which means stroller accessible as well).
6. Stopped for ice cream after our hike. My daughter can now finish a small cup on her own (now I don't have to finish it for her).
7. Did the happy sales dance ~ the items I listed in the morning sold!
8. Taught my daughter about spring peepers which we can hear in the evenings from our backdoor.

~8 Things I Wish I Could Do ~

1. Be better at organizing, my time & my "things".
2. Play the guitar.
3. Travel ~ there are so many places I'd like to visit & see.
4. Crochet or knit, my fingers always get all fumbled up!
5. Fluently speak another language.
6. Have a full time sewing business.
7. Declutter.
8. Have my own horse again (and a few for the kids) and be able to ride, ride, ride!

~8 Shows I Watch ~

Not really a TV watcher so here's 3! I usually spend my evening time sewing but do like these shows:
1. CSI
2. Fringe

~8 People I Tag ~
7. Kim
8. You!

Leave me a post if you participate ~ I'd love to read your tag!

Thanks for the tag Jen, I had to really think about many of these things. I also had a hard time differentiating between things I am looking forward to and things I wish I could do. It does seem that if you really wish you could do something many times you can (maybe just not at this moment in your life). 

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What Little Girls Are Made Of ~ Quilt

Here's my latest quilt. It's funny how things come to be. I had actually planned on making a baby boy quilt for my etsy shop. I purchased material specifically for this project (no silly not this material) but couldn't decide exactly what I wanted to do so I switched to plan B ~ do something entirely different!

I gathered together some material on hand, cut it into various sized strips and 
sewed them together. 

Then I decided to add some flowers...and then a butterfly, thought some ric rac 
would add a nice touch and...

Sewed, stitched, & quilted ....

and Viola!  I've named it "What Little Girls Are Made Of" and it's available here!

Monday, April 27, 2009

A Beautiful Day

Tree Bumps & Moss ~ I lichen!

It looks like the weather has finally taken a summery turn. It went from cool to hot and while I know it will cool down again we did get a chance to go out and enjoy this weekend.

A great place on even a hot day is Pack Demonstration forest very close by. The walk/hike is about a mile along wheelchair accessible paths which means the trail is stroller friendly. Even though it was hot out we were in the shade of an old growth hemlock and white pine forest.

About half way through the mile long trail is the Grandmother Tree, a huge eastern white pine. This tree is listed in the New York state historic tree register and is about 175 feet tall and at least 315 years old.
The story behind the tree is that it belonged to the Woodward family. John Woodward planned to cut the tree down and sell the wood so he could buy his wife a set of dishes for their anniversary. His wife, Margaret, was so upset by his plan that she said she would rather do without new dishes than lose the tree. (Yea Margaret!) Family tradition protected the tree until 1927, then the property became part of the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry.

There was quite a bit of water on the sides of the paths today, perfect for kerplunking some pebbles!

Um... not quite sure what he's thinking (he did have fun though)!

There are a couple of large uprooted trees along the way, so interesting to look at.

Despite her efforts to push the fallen tree off the path,
we did wind up having to lift the stroller over the tree!

Looking forward to summer and more outdoor fun along with the opportunity 
to share nature in all her glory with my children.

Baby On The Go!

Having a place for my little guy to safely scoot around has been great. I can set him up and watch him play while I do some sewing. Well I guess you can say this is pretty much done. Here's his latest trick in a video called...

28 Seconds Until Freedom

Friday, April 24, 2009

Quiltsy Team Promotion!

Check out this amazing promotion that will be going on from May 10-16. Amazing prizes (and tons of them)!

The Quiltsy
Etsy Street Team

May Daze!

May 10 -16, 2009

Play our game during May Daze and you could
win one of these fabulous prizes!


Has the long, cold winter left you in a daze? Well, Quiltsy
is celebrating the coming of spring in a big way, with an assortment of prizes
worth $350!!

Our May Daze promotion is sure to waken your adventurous spirit
with a lively game of hide & seek through participating shops. While the
game is being hosted, you will also be treated to special promotions offered
by each shop which can range from free shipping, to free gifts and/or discounts.
Winners of our game will receive prizes from among our most popular-selling

Quiltsy Team members are quite a creative bunch, and you will
find within the items for sale new twists on traditional quilts, as well as
other delightful items in the fiber arts arena.


  1. Your objective is to find the secret letters hidden within
    listings of participating shops. These letters will be placed in one of the
    4 alternate pictures in a listing of the seller's choosing.

  2. There are SIX words in total, and 35 shops. The letters
    that belong in the same word will be the same color to help you unscramble.

  3. The letters will be hidden in a quilt-related item; the
    seller may opt to give a clue, so be sure to read the shop intro!

  4. Once you have located all the pictures, unscramble the
    matching letters to form a quilt related word/phrase.

  5. Send your answer in a convo to QuiltsyTeam.
    (You will need to sign in to Etsy). Please include the words "May Daze"
    in the subject line.

  6. For each correct answer, you will get an entry to win one of six prize packages.
    The number of prizes in your package is determined by the length of the word.
    So for example, if you unscrambled the word "lotion", and your name
    is drawn from the correct entries, you would win six prizes!

  7. We encourage you to buy from participating shops, but there
    is no purchase necessary to enter or win.

  8. Winners will be drawn from among the correct answers received.
    Winners will receive notification of their winning entry by May 25, 2009.
    You will be asked to provide your shipping address at that time.

  9. Your prizes will be shipped direct to you from the shop
    giving the prize. This is great because you will get little surprises in your
    mailbox over several days. How fun!


  1. No Quiltsy Team members or their families may play.

  2. Drawing only valid for correct answers received between
    12:00 AM EST May 10 through 11:59 PM EST May 16, 2009

  3. Only one entry per user per word. So you cannot submit
    "lotion" over and over; but you could submit "lotion"
    and "soap" to get two entries.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our May Daze promotion! Good


Please visit
for the complete list of shops and to play the game!!!

Remember: you are looking for letters like this in one of the images of a
listed item in their shops!

Written by LoveBug
. Letter image provided by ForQuiltsSake.
Prize photos submitted by participating shops.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

 ~Earth Day inspired~

I just completed this upcycled~repurposed denim tote bag. The floral fabric is vintage material, classic '70s colors. The bag is reversible and has 2 pockets, one on the inside and one on the out. 
I am having an Earth Day promotion in my etsy shop. Shipping on all upcycled, repurposed items is on me (including this super cool tote)! This includes denim pot holders & bookmarks. Just write "Happy Earth Day" in message and I will refund the shipping. Promotion runs from today until Sunday, April 26.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Quilt Festival!

This post is for the quilt festival that is happening on Amy's blog: Park City Girl. 
She has organized an online quilt festival where quilters from all over have blogged about a special quilt and linked back to her blog. Take some time to check it out. If you are coming here from the quilt festival ~ 


This is the quilt that I consider my most special. It is actually the very first quilt that I made. When I first moved up to the Adirondacks about 6 years ago, I decided that it was time to learn how to quilt. I had always been fascinated by quilts and living in a more rural area inspired me. I asked my mom for a sewing machine for Christmas and of course she came through. 

I immediately started sewing (I hadn't touched a machine since Home Ec in junior high (and that was way long ago).
I tried out a few things but had it in my mind to make a real quilt. A lovely,  scrappy, colorful,  beauty. 

Without a fabric stash how is one to make a scrappy quilt? My solution was bidding on 4" squares on ebay of course! I bid and bid and sewed and sewed! 

I used 2 contrasting 4" squares to make 2 of the diamond in a square blocks. After I made up many I decided I wanted some organization in the layout. I arranged them by diamond colors and sewed them into 9 patches. 

I was substitute teaching at the time and after I finished the top I showed it to a teacher who I knew quilted for some advice (like what do I do next!). She was a bit surprised when I told her this was my first quilt. She was also taken back by the weight. Apparently there is an easier, more efficient way to make these blocks and the way I made them uses a lot more thread!

She sent me to a proper quilt shop to pick out the backing material and then I had to decide how to finish it. I could have gotten someone to long arm quilt it for me but I wanted complete ownership over its making. Unsure of my experience with quilting the top I decided to tie it. I did sew the binding on and hand finished that. 

This quilt measures 68 x 82. The inside is warm & natural cotton batting.  It is exactly what I love about quilts ~ Color, simple shapes, a feast for the eyes, and warmth! 

This is my treasure, not in my etsy store, definitely not for sale!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My New Banner

So you might have noticed the new banner with my blog title. Pretty snazzy don't you think? It was a little treat for myself. I want to do some advertising with Project Wonderful and tried to create an ad on my own. I was disappointed with my results. I found Erin from Swieky Siggies through a fellow Quiltsy team member who had just gotten an ad, banner, & avatar from her. I was just going to get the ad but then I saw some of her designs and thought why not! Here is my Project Wonderful ad that Erin also created:

It's exactly what I wanted. Erin was really terrific. She was so helpful and made me exactly what I was looking for with both the banner and the ad. If you are looking for some graphic work I would definitely recommend her. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Birthday My Little Guy

Today is my little guy's special day. Happy first birthday my little love. Oh I love you so.

Bright blue wide eyes, thank you for the joy you bring.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Finally... Signs of Spring

Spring definitely has taken its sweet time to arrive in the north country. The transition this year however seems a bit gentler and sweeter than most years. The air is still cool and its been breezy but the sun has been shining strong and bright, nearly all the snowy patches are gone (there are a few left in the shady corners of the yard but they aren't bothering anyone). The grass actually has a greenish hue to it. 

I've found a few signs of life in my garden...

~Day Lilly Buds~

~ Here Comes The Rhubarb Ethel! ~
(and I am going to make strawberry rhubarb pie this year)

~ And finally we can take the wagon for a walk 
down the road to see the sheep! ~

Hope your enjoying your Spring.

And Another!

Surround Yourself With Pleasant Things is the title. I pulled this group from my favorites. 
I love these items and hope you do too! 

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My First Treasury

I had my poster sketch ready and on the advice of a Quiltsy team member I had already typed my title and copied it. 

I felt my palms sweating up a bit as the number of lists dropped.

My mantra: Don't refresh, Don't refresh. 

Then it hit 222. I moved my mouse around frantically looking for the box to paste my title in. What? Where is it? What have I done??? Reading closer ~ the number drops Below 222 ahhh..

Well I did it! My first treasury. Mostly from Quiltsy team members who are really just a great bunch of folks from all over that like to quilt and do it very well. (go search etsy ~ tags, titles, descriptions "Quiltsy Team" and you'll see what I mean!)

Click here to go on over and see it for yourself!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Confessions Of A Modern Day Quilter

I just love my digital camera. Remember the days of worrying about having enough film or even wondering if you got that precious shot and having to wait to develop to find out? ~ So over! 

I confess I have even used my digital camera to sort of cheat while quilting! After I made up the blocks for my string quilt I laid them out and rearranged until they were just where I wanted them to be (a different arrangement would make it look completely different).

Traditionally the next step for me would be to put a little piece of masking tape to each block and mark it according to row and block order (ie. A1 to denote first row, first block). You then take the blocks to the sewing machine and sew them up, hoping all the while you are holding them in the right direction!

This time I took a photo of the blocks in their desired layout. I then moved my machine to the kitchen counter so I could see my blocks that were laid out on the floor. (don't worry I cleaned it first!) I then sewed the rows together. There aren't many blocks in a row so it wasn't too taxing of a job to do while standing and I do take frequent breaks to chase the baby!

After I had my rows sewn together I moved my machine back to my sewing area (aka dining room table) and used the photo I had taken to put the rows together in the right order. 

Viola! The wonders of modern technology! 

Friday, April 10, 2009


Today I finished and listed my string quilt.  It was so much fun to make. I named it Crazy Kaleidoscope Quilt. It is now listed in my etsy shop. It is also featured in this lovely treasury thanks to a fellow Quiltsy member Kimbuktu! So glad to have the snow melted and the sun shining. I can now use the barn as a back drop to take photos. 

In other news my cat quilt has been sold. I am happy to say those kitties have gone to a wonderful home, their new owner is very happy to have them.