Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Lovely Project and A Princess or (ahem) Two!

So I've pulled together some lovely vintage goodies... A beautiful Laura Ashley floral called "Stropshire Posys" according to the selvage from MCMLXXXIII, some ric rac, and a length of red satin ribbon (was still in the package originally 29¢)
I'm quite pleased with the results which I will post pictures of tomorrow!
Sweet & lovely ~ truly!

Almost as sweet as my...

I'd love to blame it on my daughter but truth be told my mom and I were responsible. I mean my daughter did want to play dress up & I certainly didn't want the little guy to feel left out!

Doesn't he have the best sense of humor? I've honestly been saying this about this kid for like forever. Seriously he is so stinking funny. Even when he's bad he's just got a twinkle in his eye. (it's a good twinkle not a deviant, psychopath one ~ honest!)
Anyway this boy is something else. He is a rough and tumble, pushes the limits, tests the water, 100% all boy. ~ and I had no idea what "all boy" meant until he came along. But this boy at 21 months hasn't found it all that important to speak. I mean why should he, we do just about everything for him. He's happy, not frustrated in the least. His latest trick, mostly done when he is being "redirected" is to look at you and mouth words (with no sound). Ordinarily he makes lots of sounds (just not words) so this behavior is well, really funny but a bit odd. I've tried to video tape it but as soon as I take my camera out he just smiles & babbles.

So with no real mama or dada or even yelling "no" to the dog for trying to swipe his Cheerios, we've finally decided to go ahead and start speech therapy. He starts on Monday and I'm really excited. Hopefully it will help. (I figure it can't hurt) I really want to hear what this kid has to say! I'd love to hear from you especially if you've had experience with a late talker!


  1. Very cute! My youngest had speech issues and went through speech therapy for two years. it helped a great deal. She still has problems with her 's' and 'f' sounds, but when she was done with therapy, she was miles ahead of where she started.

  2. how cute! i think it's sweet! thank you for visiting my blog :)

  3. Too cute...Sam has worn many a dress for the shop~adorable!

  4. I was a late walker. I didn't take my first steps until almost a year and a half. I think it's all about what you're "forced" to do. My parents would pick me up and move me wherever I wanted to go so I never felt the need to walk. I think the same may be for him. But I'm not doctor. :)