Thursday, March 15, 2012

time stands still for no one

but my blog sits here and waits. patiently?

I'm returning after a loooong absence and want to jump right back in.
The biggest changes are naturally the kids. Looking back over my previous posts it amazes me how they've changed. Kids grow way too fast and it is so easy to lose sight of this day by day. The photos tell the story. Because I am so immensely proud of who they are becoming I am putting them here ~
My Sweet Girl 6 1/2. With a heart so big it is at times heavy for her. Behind her our faithful and beloved Finn who passed away in January.

The Little Guy, turning 4 next month. He has really made great strides recently with his language and speech. Things are really coming together for him. 

~ Life is Good ~

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. thanks for sharing. The children are adorable...and like to see you smiling right along with them. Happy March!

  2. While I'm doing the job for the college, your photos make me think that somewhere else there is a life other than studying.