Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Spring!

Happy Spring 
What is going on???

I am seriously loving this unbelievable weather! I can't believe I actually brought the screens up today. (yup, old home with old windows). Our area of upstate New York saw very little snow this winter and now record highs for March. Today reached a lovely 76 degrees with more record breaking highs forecasted for the next few days. It is so wonderful to be able to send the kids right to the backyard for some playing in the sunshine when they get home from school. 


It just doesn't seem right. Is this it for winter? Will we be hit with some freak storms in April? How will our crops be affected? Will we have an extraordinary amount of pesky bugs like ticks, black flies, and mosquitos? 

I can't help but wonder what influence the mild Winter and early Spring will have on our Summer. So I am enjoying this but warily. Any thoughts?

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