Friday, March 23, 2012

Iridescent Clouds and Friday's Finds


I noticed the clouds seemed somewhat strange this afternoon. Looking closely I could see a rainbowing around those near the sun. I've never seen this before but it wasn't too hard to google my observation and find out:

"Iridescent clouds are a diffraction phenomenon cause by small water droplets or small ice crystals individually scattering light. "
 ~ thank you wiki!
The kids were just getting off the bus so they were able to see it as well. Only looking at the sun made my daughter's nose feel funny. go figure. 

All in all a very good Friday! My morning consisted of 2 sales and 3 thrift shops. Always fun to be on the hunt! Here are a few of today's finds...

Hope your Friday was Fabulous!

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  1. I am glad that I checked the the “cloud spiral” that was posted by a Facebook friend. Not only did I learn the truth about a beautiful piece of art as well as who created it, I was able to find out about a real scientific phenomena known as iridescent clouds and see a photograph. It is absolutely gorgeous! I will spread the word. If you have been interested just click