Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday's Finds

Wow this week has flown! I am thrilled local sales are starting up. I am loving hitting the road as soon as the kids are off. I visit my favorite thrift stores and hit the local sales. Scoot back home and go through the catch of the day. Here are some of today's lovelies~

How sweet!

A Pet Screw from 1979
(listed & sold today!)

perfect for Easter or dress up days
(and it's too small on the little guy but I couldn't resist)

Mid Century Stoneware
Casual Ceram cake plates
(coming soon)

Sweet & so handy for storing all sorts of things!

by far the best find of the day.....

A pair of like new Capezio tap shoes for my daughter!
She was thrilled and will be having fun with these for a long time to come.
(& she's working on what to do with those hands)

Thanks for stopping by ~ have a Fabulous weekend!

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