Thursday, June 9, 2011

Close Call!

hole in one!

After a heartbreaking accident last year when the little guy's hearing aid slipped out of my hand and into the waiting tub (left it to dry out for 2 days and it was fine). I'm super careful and take them off away from the awaiting bath. The other day though it fell out of my hand and slid across the bathroom floor. What are the chances that it would have slipped through the small hole where the pipes are? I wouldn't have thought they were very good. In a panic I got a flashlight and a hammer, with every intention of ripping up the floor to retrieve this little device that makes all the difference. I removed one small board and realizing it slipped way down. I thought it was all over until I realized why I was seeing little bits of light. I have never been so grateful for the horrible drop ceiling we have in the kitchen! I ran down, got a ladder and found it easily. Crisis and panic over! Phew!

oh little one life with you is one great adventure!

1 comment:

  1. Yay for the rescue! I can imagine your panic. He is adorable..glad the aids have helped. :-)