Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekend Away

Okay it was more like a night away but getting away during any part of the weekend is a wonderful thing. Mark is away for the month for training in his new job and we went to see him in Syracuse. Even though he's worked far enough away for the last 4 years to only come home on his days off we've really gotten used to him being home since he's now working locally. 
We stayed at Hotel Skyler a former temple totally renovated into a super green hotel. Gorgeous and impressive in its efficiency and energy saving design. There's a keypad on the wall to place your hotel keycard. Without it in place, the room doesn't totally power up. When you leave and take the card with you any extras left on (tv and most lights) will automatically turn off.
We spent this beautiful warm Sunday at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo. What a great place! They had wonderful exhibits and a great variety of animals. 
Ronan enjoyed having the penguin follow his little stick.

Cutouts always make such fun shots!


Our time went so quickly. The ride home wasn't too bad but kids and long drives don't ever mix that well do they?
This was thankfully a false alarm. She always gets carsick and felt like it this time but didn't. Maybe the dramamine and the bracelets helped. (she is awesome with a bucket though!)
Little Stinker trying to hide & pick! Gross!

It was a great time but a definite downside was bedtime. My kids are totally not used to sleeping away from home and it is a nightmare! The new bed, room, etc. are way too novel and getting them to sleep takes forever!

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