Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Beyond Expectations

Just an update ~ Day 4 here and Little guy's comfort with his hearing aids has really been beyond expectations. Today is the 3rd day that he has worn them the entire day (with the exception of his nap). I'm absolutely amazed. Yesterday after a little bout of wrestling with his sister he came up to me pointing to his ear. I was quick to frown at him & shake my head "no" I was sure he was about to pull them out. I checked to see what was going on and noticed the hearing aid had come up over his ear. He had come to tell me to fix it. This morning when we came downstairs he pointed to his ears. I do believe he was telling me to put them in.

I called the Audiologist to report the good news and see if we could get them adjusted in 2 weeks rather than 3. She was surprised, pleased and agreed to see us in 2 weeks. She didn't however have an apt until 4/16 ~ ugh! Hopefully there will be a cancellation and we can get in sooner. 
On the quest to find out as much as I can on how to raise a hearing impaired child, I've come across some great new blogs. I'm interested in the day to day and soaking up what I can. There's so much to be learned and I love reading about this though the life experiences of others. 

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  1. Hi Llena,
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Your blog has such a creative look. I enjoyed reading this post about your son's experience with hearing aids. I look forward to reading more.
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