Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More Progress and questions

Despite what feels like some technical bumps the little guy continues to do remarkably well. On Monday we were scoping out toys for his birthday present in Target (more about that tomorrow) when I got a call about a cancellation at the audiologist. We could get in the next day to have his hearing aids adjusted upward.

Our appointment was a little unsettling for many reasons. It's one thing to sail uncharted medical territories but it's a bit unnerving when the professional that is supporting you leaves you with more questions than answers.

We got there and the audiologist told us she wanted to do some hearing tests on him with his hearing aids on. I thought it would be really helpful to see how he would do. Unfortunately there was some sort of software glitch (identical to the last visit). This meant the majority (45 minutes) of the appointment we sat in her office while she was on the phone to the hearing aid company's tech support, this left no time for testing.

Last appointment I was told they were on very low. This was to get him used to wearing them and that the adjustments would be a gradual process.  At home we listened with these hearing tubes that you can fit over the piece that goes in his ear to test them and indeed it was barely amplified. Yesterday I was told they were actually at 80%. This just seemed strange to me. They are now adjusted to 100% and they do seem quite loud. Little guy seems pretty unphased by this which is wonderful.

We were also informed by our audiologist that this particular hearing aid doesn't exactly cover the frequencies of his hearing loss. She's going to order different ones that will be better suited to him. This is great but I can't help but wonder why they weren't ordered in the first place ~ the results from hearing tests haven't changed. A few more little things occurred that just didn't feel right.

To be fair she seems to be a very genuine and caring person. I put a call in to her today and am awaiting a call back to go over yesterday's uncertainties and clarify the questions that were raised but unanswered.

It has occurred to me that it is hard to ask someone questions when you just don't know what your supposed to be asking.

So here we are living and learning. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and for joining me on this journey.

On a happy note here are some photos from our Easter day. We all really enjoyed the beautiful Spring weather and their first egg hunt.

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  1. I can more appreciate your hearing situation since i'm having one of my own. What I thought was just a cold on its way out, has not 'left' and I to went to the audiologist and otologist last week. The ringing in my left ear is hearing test result? a loss of lower frequency. No fluid - but to try and fingure the cause, I'll take some meds to be followed by an MRI. It is a scary process. Your little guy is a trooper.

    Lovely Easter pictures too! They are beautiful children!