Monday, March 15, 2010

Life's Unexpected Twists and Turns

My little guy is going to turn 2 next month. He's the sweetest (and wildest) little lovebug. Everywhere we go people always comment on his dreamy blue eyes. It can't be denied they are something ~ and he's lucky he is so cute as he is into everything.

His been slow to pick up speech and been getting speech therapy for 2 months now. The early intervention programs really are great. At their recommendation we've had his hearing assessed. Results of  basic testing were not good, we followed up with an Ear, nose, & throat Dr. who then sent us to get an ABR to determine what he is and isn't hearing.

An Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) sounds scarier than it is. The sedation was the scariest part (he is way to active to sit quietly for 2 hours of testing) but it went well.  Basically electrodes are placed on his forehead and behind the ears and ear phones play sounds into his ears. They can then see what sounds his brain is responding to.

We had this test done 5 days ago. When the audiologist kept checking the ear phones I pretty much knew it was not good. I held him while he slept through the test and cried. Little guy has moderate to severe hearing loss in both ears.  He's going to need hearing aids. Definitely a shock. Aside from the lack of speech he is so outgoing, curious, and very interactive (aka into everything) so the results were unexpected.

His 2nd birthday is coming up in the middle of April. On the way home I decided my goal would be to get him hearing aids in time to hear us sing "Happy Birthday" to him.  In the car I called the hearing center where he had his initial evaluation done.  Somehow I managed to get an apt for 2 days later. He's already been fitted for his hearing aids and our next apt is at the end of the week when his hearing aids should be in.

I've been working on putting this into perspective. In the grand scheme of things it's really a drop in the bucket. Knowing how smart, curious, and active my little guy is I'm confident he'll be fine. At this point I can't wait to see him fly as he is finally able figure out what we've been saying to him and he learns to speak.  I'm taking things step by step and right now I am so looking forward to this.


  1. Oh my gosh, he is gorgeous. I'm sorry to hear that his hearing isn't quite perfect, but you're right about it only being a tiny drop in the bucket. Now that you've had it assessed, you can get a hearing aid and fix it... and imagine how exciting that's going to be for him! Good luck with everything and Happy Birthday to your adorable little boy!

  2. Those eyes are something else...poor buddy, but good mommy! It is a drop in a HUGE bucket, and you are there for him...that is what matters most. Happy Early Birthday

  3. Those eyes are going to make girls swoon! A great big pat on the back for such a great mom!

  4. What a sweetheart!!

    The hearing test sounds scary. At least now you know the problem is fix-able... better than not knowing at all. I hope he has a very happy birthday.

  5. Glad you are getting him his hearing aids so soon. Sorry you had to go through all this though.

  6. That beautiful face & eyes just draw you to him. I am sure you hear that all the time. My heart goes out to you as you take your steps to get everything worked out. You will have a wonderful birthday together! Blessings for your family!

  7. I've never commented before, but i've followed your blog for a little while.

    It will be very exciting for him to finally be able to hear things so clearly! When my younger brother was very small he had have eye surgery and get glasses. On the day he got his glasses, from a Lens Crafter in one of our local malls, he put them on and looked around in amazement with a large smile on his face. He didn't know what it was like to be able to see things as they are and was just blown away! My mother said she cried, a little out of sadness, but mostly out of happiness that he could see.

    I'm sure your little blue-eyed joy will be a-ok and very pleased when he gets his hearing aids.


  8. Oh, what a sweet little boy! Stay strong!

  9. What a gorgeous boy! My son, who has autism, started speech therapy (early intervention) at about 18 months and he's doing great now (he's 9!). It's great that you got him started ♥

  10. Oh corr...I'm so sorry to be reading this but am happy they found it when they did. I am going to have to read on to see how things are progressing.