Saturday, March 27, 2010


Big thanks to Jen over on Olive Street Studio for sending some Sunshine my way. What a wonderful bloggity friend. I'm hoping for some great things to come her way and very much appreciate her thoughts.

Today was a sunshiny day. I started off by having little guy try out his hearing aids. I didn't want to fuss him up by putting both in (I'm new at putting them in so it takes some wiggling on my part) so we began with one. This lasted 26 minutes (I'm logging my time). Not too bad. We were out and about in the car so he did not have them on (I can't keep him from touching them while I'm driving) until we got home. I put the other one in by itself and this lasted 53 minutes.  A few hours later I took the plunge and got them both in. This lasted....

3 Hours 25 Minutes!!!! 

Wow! I am so freaking excited about this. I only took them off because it was bath night and I wasn't going to have him watch the bath fill up with them on. When I called my husband to tell him he sounded almost tearful. We just want this to work out so badly. The volume is set really low and the Audiologist told me she would adjust this in 2-3 weeks. Hopefully it will be more like 2 weeks. The next adjustment won't be full volume either.

They are really hard to see (he does need a haircut though) and the ear molds are clear.
 I actually had to go over and touch the sides of his head to be sure they were still there. (and they were!) 

Yay Little Guy!


  1. OOOO so happy to read that things are going well with the aids.....pretty soon (if not already) he'll forget all about having them in. Yay for you and him!!

  2. Yay! so glad you had a good day! The little man has such beautiful eyes! Is it a coincidence that the ad below is for hearing aids?