Sunday, June 7, 2009

Quilt Show!

A local guild puts on a wonderful quilt show every two years. The venue is a sports dome, this place is perfect for a quilt show. The lighting is wonderful and it is spacious enough to really enjoy these beautiful quilts. 

Today I fed the kids a hearty breakfast and off we went. Little guy soon feel asleep in the stroller and my daughter was really good about not touching & sticking close by. 

I'll be sharing some of these beauties over a few posts, enjoy!

This one is for Julia ~ way up in the north country!
Inside of the star detail

Lovely Tumbler Blocks (on the list of quilts to make).
Love the combination of Batiks and prints

Love this art piece, so original! and versatile as the "blocks" can be moved around!

Love Cathedral Windows ~ ah, some day!

This one is for my friend Jen. 
Jen I'd love to make this for you ~ only I'd do the hair in brown and add your face!
Love the detail in this quilt!

and I just couldn't resist these fat quarters, aren't they scrumptious?

Which quilt is your favorite?


  1. WOW! Some really amazing quilts! I love the interchangeable circle's one! How innovative and time consuming!

  2. Can't choose between the tumblers and the cathedral windows. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh my, Ilena. How do you quilters do such amazing things like these at the show! I am all thumbs unless it is a straight line on the machine!

    I love all of them, especially the one you picked for me.

    So rediculously pretty. The leaf details are BEYOND talent, huh?

    Talk to you soon!

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