Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Chance Encounter...

Recipe For Friendship by Mary Engelbreit

I love this fabric line by Mary Engelbreit. The name of this line came to mind today ~ hmmm... let's see, put two fellow blogger and Etsians together in a fabric store, if that's not a recipe for friendship I don't know what is!!

I had my husband and kids in the car while I dashed into Joann's for 2 specific things. I'll be REALLY quick (ha! you know how that goes). After I made it to the cutting table I had a feeling about the person that walked by me. Could it be? Could it really be Julia?

It was ~ I met Julia from Adirondack Mama's Gifts! How wonderful is that. We've been following each other's blogs and I was so lucky to be the winner of her giveaway just last month. I do believe we will be getting together as fellow vendors at an upcoming craft show. 

What fun to meet you Julia! The first of many I hope.


  1. What a nice meeting and in Joanns no less!

  2. Ilena!
    I still can't believe that we actually ran into each other!!!!!! I was in SUCH a rush with my Root-Canal-Father-in-Law in the car I wish I had seen you earlier. I was so shocked. I am really excited to do the craft show together next month.
    You were exactly what I expected, pretty and lively, exciteable, and sweet. (I think we would get along swimmingly if we lived closer). I wish we could have chatted for a lot longer!

    Again...SO nice to really meet you.

    What a nice connection to have forged here in blog land.

    Talk to you soon,