Monday, June 22, 2009

Family Week & Craft Fair

This past week has been a busy one. My folks came up (and with that comes the pre visit cleaning frenzy) and brought with them a truckload of  lumber which would soon become kiddie heaven.

So we've had a big back yard project going on. Unfortunately the weather was noncooperative, very rainy. But after much head scratching and bug swatting we now have a super sweet playset for the kids to enjoy. 

Aaack! all the pics of the kids going down the slide together are on mom's camera! I'd wake the kids and take them out for a photo but ~ you just don't wake sleeping kids! 

I also went to Plattsburgh for their crafts fair. It was also a garage sale and car show.  Not very many sales but you know what ~ it was fun

There is something very exciting to me about getting up early, loading my car up with all my goodies, and setting up a booth. 

No matter what, it's a great opportunity to see people and talk to them about your work, their work (because you will meet other quilters),  and get out there. And compliments, lots of compliments!

Of course my folks were up & watching the kiddos for me. They came up to the show to visit me (a bit of a hike actually) and lend moral support ~ as well as to offer a bathroom break.  Aren't they incredible? 

I only heard about the show from my blogger/etsy buddy Julia over at Adirondack Mama's Gifts.   It was great to see her and her sister Laura there and chat if only for a short while.

Here's the little guy. Crackers in each hand and seriously on the go. 
He got to spend some time with me while my little girl:
 got her feet wet at the beach 
rode a horse
visited the petting zoo
went down the inflatable slide
jumped in the bouncy bounce
had ice cream
ate cotton candy
and pretty much did what she wanted, 
she was after all with Nana & Bampy!


  1. HA- I feel the same way about some craft fairs - providing I'm not paying a ton in entry fee. THEN I tend to get annoyed at slow sales...ha ha ha. The playhouse looks great! I hear the rain is going to stop soon??

  2. Wow, lucky kids! I've never done a craft fair - it looks like you had a good time. Oh, and the kiddies are adorable.

  3. I was so upset that my camera died...I wanted so badly to get a shot of all of us.

    It was so nice to visit.

    Your little ones are just precious.