Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Shop!

I decided to take the plunge and open up a Vintage Shop. I'm quite proud of the title ~ Corr Nucopia. I've been busy filling it with some super finds and am looking forward to adding new things. I'd love it if you stopped by to visit, let me know what you think.

At the moment I have MANY unopened (yup, still sealed!) Vintage crewel embroidery and needle point kits. My favorites of this bunch include an Embroidery  Purse and a Walt Disney Mary Poppins doll kit.
(sold !)

among other things, I have another incredible purse kit ~ so incredibly kitschy, I love it!

I did create this treasury to honor my new shop!


  1. Good for you!! I'll have to check it out. :-)

  2. Cute stuff! I just wanted to tell you that I nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger Award! Read all about it on my blog!
    Kris (Bonbonsandmore & Fabricalacarte)