Sunday, April 12, 2009

My First Treasury

I had my poster sketch ready and on the advice of a Quiltsy team member I had already typed my title and copied it. 

I felt my palms sweating up a bit as the number of lists dropped.

My mantra: Don't refresh, Don't refresh. 

Then it hit 222. I moved my mouse around frantically looking for the box to paste my title in. What? Where is it? What have I done??? Reading closer ~ the number drops Below 222 ahhh..

Well I did it! My first treasury. Mostly from Quiltsy team members who are really just a great bunch of folks from all over that like to quilt and do it very well. (go search etsy ~ tags, titles, descriptions "Quiltsy Team" and you'll see what I mean!)

Click here to go on over and see it for yourself!


  1. Thanks for including me!! It is a LOVELY treasury - the blues and reds look so good together. I need to learn how to make a Treasury...

  2. I KNOW that feeling! It's such a rush! I manage to get 2 to 3 a week and I still feel it everytime! (Yes, my kids are very patient and my husband sometime gets bed duty more than he should if treasury is anywhere near opening :) Congrats on your first beautiful treasury! Here's to more in the future!