Friday, April 10, 2009

Freecycle ~ use it and pass it around!

I like to think of myself as "earth friendly". When possible I do what I can to lessen my impact on our environment. There are so many ways to do this, start with use less, then reuse what you have, and finally repurpose by finding a new use for what you no longer need. 

A great way to get rid of unwanted items when you no longer want them without throwing them away is finding others that can use them. Freecycle is a yahoo group where people post items they want to giveaway or are looking for.

I've a tendency to hang onto things I no longer am using. Yesterday I found 2 wonderful people to take some things that I no longer am using. One fellow freecycler was looking for containers to put her seedlings that had outgrown their pods into. She picked up my 20 large yogurt containers (see I knew they were "too good" to throw away) which she said will be perfect. Another freecycler came and picked up 3 pregnancy books & old issues of Parenting magazine for someone who is expecting. 

To find a Freecycle group near you go to click on groups, then type freecycle. There are currently 10,828 freecycle groups worldwide! 

What are you doing to lessen your impact on the earth?


  1. That is cool, thanks for the info. We have a business with 2 locations here that has been doing that for years, it is called REUSE INDUSTRIES. They charge very little which helps pay the employees.

  2. Thats the way we all need to be thinking now! (AKA Bon Bons and More)

  3. I think freecycle is fantastic... one man's waste is another man's treasure! I'd much sooner see something I no longer want/need to go to a good home where it can not only get plenty of use, but save someone money on buying new. :)

  4. Great ideas, thank you. I try to recycle and give away stuff I don't need also. I think our society uses way more than we need to.