Thursday, April 30, 2009

I've Been Tagged!

Jen over at Olive Street Studio has tagged me!

~8 Things I'm Looking Forward To ~

1. Putting in my garden. I'm going to make it bigger this year. I love being able to pick herbs & veggies while cooking dinner.
2. Summer, sunshine & the fun that goes along with it!
3. Teaching my kids about the environment & how precious our world is.
4. Having both kids sleep through the entire night & therefore me too!
5. Having my folks move closer so we can spend more time together.
6. Hiking the High Peaks with my children.
7. Watching my children discover and learn.
8. Learning how to sew clothes.

~8 Things I Did Yesterday ~
(okay this was actually Sunday but trust me it was way more interesting then yesterday)

1. Made peanut butter and chocolate chip waffles for breakfast.
2. Took Pictures of a new runner/pot holder set for my Etsy shop.
3. Took out the storm windows and put the screens in the doors.
4. Took advantage of the sunshine and hung the laundry out on the line.
5. Decided after lunch to take the kids on a hike/walk to a nearby forest/park that is wheelchair accessible (which means stroller accessible as well).
6. Stopped for ice cream after our hike. My daughter can now finish a small cup on her own (now I don't have to finish it for her).
7. Did the happy sales dance ~ the items I listed in the morning sold!
8. Taught my daughter about spring peepers which we can hear in the evenings from our backdoor.

~8 Things I Wish I Could Do ~

1. Be better at organizing, my time & my "things".
2. Play the guitar.
3. Travel ~ there are so many places I'd like to visit & see.
4. Crochet or knit, my fingers always get all fumbled up!
5. Fluently speak another language.
6. Have a full time sewing business.
7. Declutter.
8. Have my own horse again (and a few for the kids) and be able to ride, ride, ride!

~8 Shows I Watch ~

Not really a TV watcher so here's 3! I usually spend my evening time sewing but do like these shows:
1. CSI
2. Fringe

~8 People I Tag ~
7. Kim
8. You!

Leave me a post if you participate ~ I'd love to read your tag!

Thanks for the tag Jen, I had to really think about many of these things. I also had a hard time differentiating between things I am looking forward to and things I wish I could do. It does seem that if you really wish you could do something many times you can (maybe just not at this moment in your life). 


  1. Thanks for the tag! I'm thinking. I'll get back to you.

  2. Thanks for the tag! I recently did this tag on my other blog too.

  3. Thanks for tagging me. I'll be thinking about the answers. :)

  4. Nice Answers!! Thanks for doing it. My husband would like to play piano again! But I like all your "wish I coulds" and what great "did yesterdays" - sooooo nice to spend alot of time with the kiddies.

    And the happy sales dance?? AWESOME! I wish I had more movementin my shop.