Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Finally... Signs of Spring

Spring definitely has taken its sweet time to arrive in the north country. The transition this year however seems a bit gentler and sweeter than most years. The air is still cool and its been breezy but the sun has been shining strong and bright, nearly all the snowy patches are gone (there are a few left in the shady corners of the yard but they aren't bothering anyone). The grass actually has a greenish hue to it. 

I've found a few signs of life in my garden...

~Day Lilly Buds~

~ Here Comes The Rhubarb Ethel! ~
(and I am going to make strawberry rhubarb pie this year)

~ And finally we can take the wagon for a walk 
down the road to see the sheep! ~

Hope your enjoying your Spring.

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