Sunday, March 15, 2009

WIP ~ Works in Progress!

I have two quilts that are nearly finished. The cat quilt (pictures in a previous post) and the Sunbonnet Sue (this one that Erin is holding)  just need the binding finished. This is a nice part to do while watching TV so I'm saving that to do in the evening. They should both be finished and listed in my Etsy shop within the week. 

The last post pictured my daughter cutting apart triangles for the quilt I am working on now. The blocks are a hourglass design and it has several borders. It is a throw size (54 x 65) and will look gorgeous on the back of someone's couch (maybe yours!). It will be wonderful to snuggle under. That should be completed by next week. I took some pictures today of it coming together. 


  1. Those are both really beautiful! I really like the one your daughter's holding. I think that's great she likes to help!

  2. Ilena- NO WAY that I stumbled upon your Blog!! I saw your name as a comment on another and happened to click bc of our email and lo-and-behold, it is you! How funny. You have a beautiful daughter. AND LOVE LOVE the triangles quilt with green and brown border!!