Sunday, March 29, 2009


I've been MIA on the blog scene as of late. It's been a case of so many projects, so little time. I've been sewing a lot and the kids are better which means we can do more things as well. The warm(er) weather has given us a chance to get out and enjoy the sunshine. I am so looking forward to getting that garden going but first will have to tackle racking up the leaves in the half of the yard that missed out in the fall!

Yesterday was spent playing outside and retaking lots of photos of my etsy listings. I am also taking a trip next week to see my parents on Long Island. I am trying to complete the quilting on a string quilt that I am working on so that I can bring it with me and hand finish the binding in the evenings while watching TV with the folks.

So there I was last night sewing along. I took a break to check out my progress and this is what I found! Yes, I've sewed for what feels like miles before realizing I'm running on an empty bobbin but this was a first!! Happily it was relatively easy to repair.


  1. Oh yes, I've done that before, too! At least you caught it before you sewed too many lines!

  2. I feel so much better, now :) I'm not the only one!