Thursday, May 14, 2009

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures!

Seriously folks things were BAD, really really bad. So bad I can't even show you the photos. I've been sewing so much and not really putting things back where they belong and well, let's just say it got very out of hand. 

I did actually try on several occasions to make things better. Each time I'd go through my materials I'd just wind up finding something I wanted to make (much more fun than organizing). The Big Clean was just not happening. 

My desperate measure was to hand my machine over for a long overdue servicing. Without my machine to sew, I'd have no choice but to get things in order! Here are the results:
Welcome to My Crafty Nook!
I'll still be sewing on the dining room table but at least this work space under the stairs is usable again!

Eventually I would like to put a table here that I can sew on, 
I will be on the lookout for one this yard sale season!
 I'd then move some of these materials onto shelves that I will put up on the walls.

I love these baskets (all 8 for $1) I found at a golf course yard sale. 
They are plastic coated wire and were used to hold golf balls. 

More supplies here and only 1 bin of scraps,
(I did separate quite a bit according to color & size, this is the leftovers)
I do have a couple more bins of assorted materials hiding out in my son's room.

Okay so now where is MY MACHINE! It's been a week and a half. He says to call tomorrow, it will probably be ready (probably??). Fingers crossed, I am SEW ready! 


  1. I LOVE your space! So cute and so organized! I'm debating if I should take a picture of mine or's big, but it's in the basement so it's sort of gloomy...hmmm....

  2. I LOVE your space and the baskets are a really cool idea.

  3. The golf ball pails for fabric are so cute! Want to come over and get my space in order?

  4. Love the look of your space, colorful and cozy, a perfect nook!

  5. The baskets are a really good idea - and those golf ones are so solid. BTW- I FINALLY got around to featuring you on my blog for teh Treasury...SO sorry it is so late. THANKS again for including me...

  6. I just looked at your "What Little Girls Are Made of Quilt." It is so beautiful!