Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Handmade with Love


Making Valentines

I love handmade. Handmade is meaningful. I love receiving gifts that someone took the time to make. I love making things for the people I love. Now I face the challenge of raising kids that understand that handmade beats mass produced and store bought.

She's only three but this topic has come up several times now and I know that this is just the beginning. I'm already envisioning the battles ahead. I need to know how to keep handmade cool when she wants store bought.
This past weekend I pulled out the heart punch, doilies, red & pink construction paper, and glue. We crafted enough cards for all her little preschool friends and then some to send out to loved ones. The heart punch was a hit and we had a crafty good time putting them together.  

Now I can't help but wonder when she comes home with her booty of cards, will she like that little store bought Dora card the best? Will she wish she had given those out instead? 

I'm hoping to keep the make-it-yourself magic alive and remind her of the fun when she asks why we didn't get cards from the store with her favorite characters on them. I just might have to pull that heart punch out again to get her giggling when those hearts start flying out. 


  1. Just saw your latest. I can't begin to tell you how much you fill me with love and pride. How did I get the perfect girl. How did I get the one who would show me every day what life is really about. How did I get the girl that would give me the best two grandchildren anyone could ever ask for, And to boot, she is the most talented and artistic girl ever.

  2. i was about to comment that you have the sweetest daughter and this is the sweetest story about homemade craft....and then i read your mum's comment and this has just tripled the sweetness!! what a sweet family lol!!! xxx

    I love handmade, when i have children, i want to make art with them too just like you:)

  3. hey

    thanks for the nice comment on my blog- about the weather-themed treasury.

    it is my first time doing a treasury, so i am not too sure what else there is to it than to post my 12 pictures up! lol

    i like the shade of purple you use on your blog. =D

  4. We got the card today! The girls just loved it! I always like handmade better too, because it's special and shows you care much more. Ours are going to be a little late this year-- Abby has been making them all week, but they keep disappearing for two reasons-- Emma and Maggie.

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  6. Too cute! I love to see little ones being crafty!