Thursday, April 14, 2011

Etsy Upgrade: New Image Quality Improvements - Before & After Avatar

I happen to think the colors on my imac monitor are bright, clear, and colorful. "True to life" so to speak. Recently I viewed a favorite item on another computer and was shocked at the strong blue value on the photo, it was a total turnoff (doesn't help that it was a food item).

In an effort to prevent this Etsy is releasing a new system for processing, resizing, and storing image files. Apparently the new system will:
* Provide sharper, brighter, higher quality results for uploaded photos
* Support a wider range of uploaded file types

Existing banners, avatars, and item photos will not be changed! The new system is now functioning for team avatars and profile avatars.

Here's the Etsy forum thread from admin

You will need to reupload (is that even a word?) your profile avatar to have it in this new system.
There is a VERY subtle difference. Here is mine (the new avatar is the one on the right):

What do you think? 
I'm glad my future images will be true to life but have no intention of reloading the images of my current stock of 500 items!

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