Sunday, February 7, 2010


First time on the Front Page!
Those are my sweet Owl Salt & Pepper shakers.

Happy Day! 

***and a little update since I'm a really do like statistics! My owls lasted about 30 minutes before they sold and were then removed from front page. During that time my shop received 16 new hearts. The owls received 28 hearts and according to Google Analytics during the 8:00 hour my shop was visited 257 times. Wow, it's amazing what exposure will do huh? I think being on prime time during Super Bowl was definitely an advantage. 


  1. I saw the owls!! BUT didn't look to see the shop. They must have sold already bc not up anymore. YAY for you!!!

  2. Congratulations! They're beautiful!

  3. How do you get all these features???? We are barely noticed~Congrats Ilena...they are precious! Lauea