Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oh Drats ... BATS!

Well it's summer (though it doesn't feel like it here) and with summer comes the critters. 

Let me add right now, I KNOW how good they are, eating mosquitos by the thousands per hour (or something like that). I KNOW they are facing some disease that is wiping them out at an alarming rate (not a disease they will pass on to me mom).

We have a lovely little pond very nearby and with that of course mosquitos. We also have a colony (as in very many) living behind the chimney. 

Behind the chimney is really okay with me. I don't mind having bats in my belfry ~ honest! It's just that every summer one or two makes its way into our house, and that's just creepy!

I went up to get a sweatshirt the other night and saw this bat flying about. We were not able to find him that night but he was located and promptly removed the next day ~ phew! 

Funny thing is he looked tremendous flying around but actually no bigger than 3" long lying in the driveway (recovering from a trip out the window in a butterfly net). 


  1. It would kind of creep me out too. Glad you got it out of the house.

  2. Holy cow...I would have freaked out. Like you- no problemo with them outside, but inside? UHHH excuse me little batty!! :-0

  3. I agree - I love bats as long as they stay outside!